Board Message

Our Esteemed Business Partners and Valuable Employees,

Our group that started its operations in 1976 under the name of Limak İnşaat, today, continues to create added value for the national economy in our country and various countries of the world with its 50 thousand employees in all of those industries where it has operations, powered by its deep-rooted past and making all efforts for setting the bar higher.


Our Group, through its long-term strategic perspective, is demonstrating a sustainable growth in a wide range of industries where it has operations from construction, tourism, cement, infrastructure to energy investments, energy commitment, aviation and food. Owing to our projects of construction industry with a total value in excess of US$10 billion, we take the pride in being one of the world's leading construction groups and representing our country at top standings within the global arena. We're carrying on works of, at home, Yusufeli Dam, in Artvin, which is the world's third highest dam and, abroad, Kuwait International Airport, which will be one of the most prestigious works around the world, as a contract with the highest price that was awarded to a contracting company of our country. In the tourism sector where we first appeared in 1995, we are, now, one of Turkey's largest chains of hotels thanks to 8 hotels with a total bed capacity of over 6ooo. A the cement industry which we brought to our structure as of 2000, we are the second largest cement producer of our country. We're reinforcing such crucial leap we recorded in the cement industry with our important investments in African nations such as Mozambique and Ivory Coast. When it comes to infrastructure and energy investments, we have undertaken the operation of Pristina International Airport in Kosovo and we are one of the partners of Istanbul Airport that was commissioned on October29th, 2018, the world's largest airport, which is a great source of pride for our nation. Again, we are one of the three operator partners, which also completed construction, of Ankara High Speed Train Station, Turkey's first-ever high speed train station, one of our infrastructure works, that was commissioned in 2016. We are the investor and operator of LimakPort Iskenderun, one of the strategically important ports of the Eastern Mediterranean. While the construction of 1915 Çanakkale Bridge, that is going to be world's longest bridge with its 2023-meter span between its legs, and Malkara-Çanakkale Highway Project is in progress, of which contract has been awarded to the joint venture group our company is a member of, we are planning to complete the project and give it as a gift by the 100th anniversary of our Republic.

When it comes to the energy industry, we're one of the most important actors of the industry in Turkey, having completed our vertical integration with our operations in all fields of the energy. With hydroelectric, solar, geothermal, natural gas and coal power plants, we aim to increase our current power generation portfolio of over 3,500 MW to the 5,000 MW installed power target through our investments based on resource diversity and within framework of long-term business plans.

Today, we rank at the top of the food industry, into which we penetrated in 2008, in terms of citrus fruits processing and we export concentrated products to over 32 countries. Additionally, we have been carrying out our quality-oriented activities since 2013 at the energy undertaking industry.

We continue to create lasting impact with our social benefit-based efforts whilst making added value contribution to our national economy through out investments. In this context, we manage and direct our social investment studies in a strategic manner through Limak Educational, Culture and Health Foundation we founded as part of our group in 2016.


The most fundamental mission of Limak Foundation is transforming the young and dynamic potential of our country's population into qualified manpower with sustainable efforts supporting societal progress and community development. With our initiative called Turkey's Engineer Girls which is “the apple of our eye” project which we have started with this idea in mind, we support next generation would-be engineers and aim to ensure that women find more places for themselves in the engineering field. Apart from helping them to be technically knowledgeable, we're working to help tomorrow's responsible, sensitive, conscious, enterprising "leader" women engineers take part in the world economy and national economy.

We, as Limak Foundation, aim to keep abreast of what is going on in the world, expand our social investment portfolio within framework of new dynamics, make a difference through new, national and international collaborations in light of new challenges that need to be responded. In this context, after becoming partners with public and private sector international NGOs at the world's first Sustainable Development Goals Impact Accelerator we joined in 2018, we strive to come up with suggestions for solutions to global development problems. Thanks to the first ever entrepreneurship acceleration program focusing on Turkey's energy industry which we started under the roof of Limak Enerji, we help create innovative business ideas that are to meet rapidly changing needs of the energy industry. Believing that cultural and artistic activities need be within reach of all walks of life, we intend to build different and extraordinary bridged between our rich cultural heritage and today through Limak Philharmonics Orchestra of which foundations were laid in 2017.


We, as Limak Conglomerate aiming to create a positive impact in all fields where it has operations with its environment and community awareness, have been pursuing our sustainability efforts since 2013, taking into account the world's choices, in order to share our economic, environmental and social impacts with our stakeholders in a transparent manner. We have announced with our 2018-2019 Sustainability Report, as approved by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and our sustainability goals for 2030 to all of our stakeholders. On our path to the sustainability, we continue to invest in the future of Turkey and the world.

We owe a debt of gratitude to all of our employees, business partners and stakeholders who have helped Limak Conglomerate strengthen its place among our country's respectable and prestigious organizations of today through its successful performance.


Ebru Özdemir

Chairperson of the Board of Directors


Mehmet Serhan Bacaksız

Member of the Board of Directors


Batuhan Özdemir

Member of the Board of Directors


Turhan Serdar Bacaksız

Members of the Board of Directors