About Us

Limak Cement, a member of Limak Holding, was incorporated in 2000 and, growing through organic and inorganic growth, managed to become a group with Turkey's second largest clinker capacity with 10 cement plants and a clinker capacity of 9.6 million tons.

On the other hand, Limak Cement has been running its operations in Sub-Saharan Africa since 2016. Limak Cimentos S.A. (Mozambique) and Limak Afrika S.A. (Ivory Coast), affiliates of Limak Cement, have positioned themselves in their respective countries among brands of choice thanks to the loyal customer group that has formed due to their cement and concrete products as well as their stability in service quality and increasing customer satisfaction.

Limak Cement FZE, the Foreign Trade company of Limak Cement, has been running its operations in
4 continents since 2017 and reached an annual export volume of 3 million tons.

Limak Cement, celebrating its twentieth year in the industry, employs an experienced team of investment and finance staff members who brought together the latest innovations of the global cement industry and the most effective project financing solutions for its 9 renovations, and capacity increase projects and 7 new investment projects.

Limak Cement is the one and only organization setting an example within the industry with its 3 Ready Mixed Concrete R&D laboratories with a 17025 international accreditation certificate. Limak Cement which is the first integrated cement plant that has been awarded the GOLD Certificate owns Turkey's first-ever integrated cement plant across the industry that was awarded ISO 45001 and ISO 50001 in 2020 with TÜRKAK (Turkish Accreditation Agency) Accreditation.

Reducing the ecological footprint is one of our main subjects of focus as part of the efforts associated with the fight against climate change. Our efforts are ongoing to maintain continuity of efforts of adaptation to 2030 Sustainable Development Goals as announced by the UN and playing an active role in the GRI reporting process and placing in the center of all fields the awareness of “Responsible Production Consumption” (SKA 12) one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.