Stakeholder Management

Limak Cement, based on the principle of decent work and the occupational safety comes first, prioritizes constant improvement in order t present cement and concrete that are important elements as building materials in thriving of communities with designs that are more environmentally-friendly, consumes less energy, resists earthquake and the other external factors for a longer time and are more esthetical, cleaner and feasible in modern and bigger structures.

Limak follows different stakeholder involvement approaches and methods for different phases of project operations and different stakeholder groups. Basic methods and mechanisms of communication used for involvement of permanent stakeholders are as follows:

  • Brochures and information documents to be provided to stakeholders during the stage of scope determination which contain information on the project and potential effects of the project,
  • Meetings with permanent stakeholders,
  • Local newspapers for announcement of events and meetings related to the project,
  • A meeting open to the public where the draft Environment and Social Impact Assessment is to be shared,
  • Regular meetings to be able to keep in touch at all times.

A grievance management system is established during the Stakeholder Management process in order to ensure that all opinions, suggestions and objections received form project stakeholders, notably, the local people who are to be affected by the project the most are addressed duly and in time.

With regards to the said grievance management system, the local people are informed during activities of sharing with the public and involvement of people as well as construction and operation activities.

All grievances presented are recorded and responded and settled within a certain period of time. Opinions and grievances can be conveyed by mail, e-mail and fax as well as phone during the construction and operation phases.

Additionally, anyone wishing to share their opinion may easily contact security guards at entrance gates of plants and complete the Opinion/Grievance Form to be submitted to Cement management.