Occupational Health and Safety

In the final quarter of 2019, in order to assure unity of application and uniformity among workplaces of our Group, the Sub-Employer/ Contractor /Subcontractor Management Procedure was revised in the common document format, and the Environment and Occupational Safety Specification created as an attachment to the technical specifications was rendered compliant with all up-to-date legislations and IFC norms.

This procedure covering permanent and temporary sub-employers, contractors and subcontractors working at Limak Cement Group Workplaces and documents attached to the said procedure ensure that all relevant stakeholders are aware of their duties and responsibilities before the work starts and becomes familiar with expectations of the company at every stage of the process and prepare themselves accordingly. Thus, legal norms are systematically tracked and possible occupational accidents are prevented.

Rates of accident frequency - severity tracked on a monthly basis and root cause analyses related to accidents help raise awareness across the Group on stopping accidents from repeating and actions to be taken.

Thanks to duration and content of mandatory occupational safety trainings of 16 hours per year, which is in excess of the legal limit, as well as reward-penalty systems ensure that personnel members have higher awareness.

Thanks to the occupational safety application at the online platform developed as telephone application which was put into practice at Ankara Plant, whereby permit to work systems are established and risk/near miss notifications are made, all permits and risk/near miss notifications across the plant are systematically tracked and quick action is taken. It is planned to make this application widespread across the Group in 2020.

However, one of the Occupational Safety goals is the project of establishing conditions of safe entrance into the plant field through induction training and online registration system created for visitors and employees of the other companies in compliance with the law nr. 6331.

Ankara Plant runs its operations within framework of ISO 45001 and the other Group plants run their operations within framework of OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety management Systems, and applications are being developed to improve OHS performance at all times.