Integrated Management Systems

Plants running their operations under the roof of Limak Cement Group pioneer integrated management system certification processes on an industry basis. Turkey's first cement plant that has Integrated Management Systems GOLD certificate and the industry's first ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety management System is a member of the Group.

Besides, in the final quarter of 2017, under the heading of management with targets, not managing the target, all documents pertaining to standards of ISO 9001, IS0 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 50001 ve EN 197-1 were rendered common and collected under a single portal for access by all relevant personnel members. Today, all Group plants use a uniform type of documentation, ensuring that such documentation is used actively thanks to its easy access.

Limak Cement Group, in the final quarter of 2017, under the heading of management with targets, not managing the target, shifted to Integrated Management System for the purpose of;

  • Recording, documenting target, realization and process managements and rendering them common inputs of the system; Assuring more effective planning thanks to a single documentation system,
  • Determining common measurable targets with added value,
  • Conducting benchmarking for common targets, realizations and process managements, identifying strengths and weaknesses, and sharing right and wrong practices at a single platform,
  • Ue of common procedure, single source essential for audit, time and money saving, minimizing of unduly resource use,
  • Increasing the corporate synergy and motivation working with common targets,
  • Increase in the brand value
  • Making a comparison with global standards and measuring organizational effectiveness development.

However, target process criteria have been established across the Group and efforts for tracking them were initiated. Target management process is organized by EYS Work Group and EYS Committee, and consolidated tables are assessed twice a year and outputs are shared with persons concerned. About 250 targets pertaining to 12 departments are checked quarterly.