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For the first time in our country and EU member states, EOTA (EUROPEAN ORGANIZATION FOR TECHNICAL ASSESSMENT) agency issued ETA (EUROPEAN ASSESSMENT DOCUMENTATION) certificate to Balıkesir Plant for two products, namely, CCBA 42,5 R and CCBA 32,5 N, on 31.10.2019 under the name of Cement with Coal Bottom Ash – CCBA (Cement with Coal Bottom Ash)” which enables the bottom ash to be used as additive for the cement, as a result of our R&D activities regarding evaluation of usability by cement producers of volatile ash, bottom ash and synthetic gypsum generated at thermal power plants with an effective quality and product management process.

Studies were started at Kilis plant, using bottom ashes generated at nearby thermal power plants, and, during the second half of 2020, it is planned to obtain ETA certificate for minimum two products.

Independently of the  laboratories located at our plants and facilities, within our Group, at Cement Central Laboratory of which R&D studies are in progress, some studies whereby optimization of alternative products, waste analyses, special tests such as cookability as well as use of alternative raw materials are targeted with a view to finding a place on the low carbon roadmap with reduction in carbon dioxide.

For our cement product developed as a result of such studies which reduced carbon footprint thanks to the mineral additive, Turkish Institute of Patent registered a patented product called Limak CEM PLUS+ and the said product is being produced at Balıkesir, Ankara and Kilis plants and used for high concrete class products.

Our owns 3 Ready Mixed Concrete Laboratories with TS EN ISO /IEC 17025 Accreditation certificate issued by TURKAK, which are located in Ankara -Güvercinlik, Istanbul-Yeni Bosna and Şanlıurfa. Owing to the said laboratories located in different parts of Turkey, apart from routine product controls of our cement, services such as processability of the fresh concrete, checking of setting period, monitoring of strength based on the impact of cement on characteristics of hardened concrete, as may be required by our customers, and ready mixed concrete tests based on special requirements of individual projects.

Çimento Merkez Arge Laboratuvarı
İstanbul ve Ankara Beton Arge Laboratuvarları (17025 Türkak Akreditasyonu)
Gaziantep Beton Arge Laboratuvarı Kurulumu
İlk Pantentli Ürün LİMAK CEM PLUS+
Katkı Kimyasallarında FT-IR Kullanımı ve Çözümlemeleri

Uçucu küllü çimento ile Türkiye'de ilk C50 beton tasarımı.
Mozambik Çimento Laboratuarı
Dip Küllü Çimento UTO Belgesi Dip Küllü Çimento için Türkiye'nin ilk Ulusal Teknik Onay belgesi (Türkiye'de geçerli)
Fildişi Beton Arge Lab.
Dip Küllü Çimento ETA Belgesi Dip küllü çimento için Avrupa'nın ilk "European Technical Assesement (ETA)" belgesi (AB üye ülkelerinde geçerli)