Press Release

Our CEO Erkam Kocakerim published an article on the field of “Smart Businesses” in the "Key Issues for Digital Transformation" e-book, prepared by Harvard Business Review Turkey in partnership with NTT Data, which includes the points that need to be focused on to make a difference in digital transformation in a rapidly changing world. Kocakerim said in his article on the details about the Triple Transformation (digital, sustainable, 'new work' operating system) Project that we carry out as Limak Cement that it will be among the "Digital First" pioneers that make digitalization a part of the daily operating system beyond the company's future vision. Expressing that they aim to make digitalization a tangible and indispensable element of the company, Kocakerim announced that they expect to reach the level of sensible maturity in the next three years: “Deciding on development projects according to current and future needs by defining and measuring our new workplace operating system; we set out to implement the LCOEDX (Limak Cement Center of Excellence) Project, the first Center of Excellence of the global cement industry to create a new agile work environment that is fully data-speaking by accessing the ability to analyze multifaceted data needs, including the social and cultural KPIs of all stakeholders.” The e-book prepared with the contributions of Harvard Business Review Turkey and NTT Data, focuses on 5 main areas including digital transformation processes and shares tips for this future. The book includes articles written by industry professionals in the areas of Smart Business, Customer Experience, Smart Applications and Innovation, People and Culture, and Managed Services.