Sustainability at Limak Cement

We, as Limak Cement Group, as part of Sustainable Development Goals as defined by the United Nations General Assembly as “development meeting today's needs without compromising abilities of the next generations to meet their own needs”, which was produced as a result of negotiations involving multiple stakeholders, we're doing everything we can to integrate 17 goals set with a view to overcoming the world's most urgent social, economic and environmental challenges by 2030 into all of our processes.

We believe that sustainable economic development can only be made possible with an inclusive approach in a healthy planet, provided that the individual has an environmental and social awareness. By addressing our sustainability policy in a manner representing whole of fundamental understandings that apply in all geographical territories where we have operations, in cooperation with all of our employees, business partners and stakeholders, we're modeling our business understanding, in a manner consistent with today's global objectives, as;

  • Sustainable Development Oriented Business Understanding
  • Humanitarian Development Oriented Business Understanding
  • Humanitarian Development Oriented Business Understanding
  • Planet Oriented Business Understanding
  • Fair and Sharing Business Understanding

In this context, owing to committees established by us with a focus on Inclusive Development, Social Human, Healthy Planet, we're sustaining businesses processes with development goals with gender balance based on protection of human health, supporting of humanitarian development and opportunity equality. We believe that sustainability can be made possible with development of social structures, corporate loyalty and continuation of employees, and the individual must perceive the social structure she/he is within, together with all of its elements and think of her/his existence along with health of the social structure.

We accept conducting all of our operations in a manner respectful for the human and environment as a basic value and develop ways of detecting all possible adverse elements of the environment relation and eradicating such elements.