Strategy and Targets

Supporting development of women's employment and their qualified active participation. Increasing employment of women at all levels.

Ratio of our female employees will be increased by 20%, notably in Sub-Saharan Countries, by 2026.

Constantly tracking, improving energy efficiency studies and establishing the necessary infrastructure and renewing what is existing.

Certification for plans that do not have ISO 50001 Energy Management System will be completed by 2023. We'll reach energy efficiency by 6,8% by 2026.

Constantly tracking, improving water efficiency studies and establishing the necessary infrastructure and renewing what is existing.

Shift to the Water Footprint Standard will be completed at 30% of or plants as a minimum. As a result of the correct analysis of water footprint, amount of water extracted from nature and to be added to the system will be reduced by 15% by 2030.

Reduction of emissions generated by our operations.

We target a reduction by 24.3% and 5.8% for the primary and secondary carbon footprint, respectively, by 2026.

Conducting studies at all industries in terms of development of sustainability understanding and supporting exiting studies.

All of our companies will support efforts of establishing the understanding of sustainability with at least one project per year.

Increasing use of renewable energy sources (RES) for energy consumption.

Limak Group of Companies will increase its use of RES within total energy consumption to 30% by 2030.

Developing practices and systems aimed at reducing generation of wastes, and conducting studies for raising awareness in reduction of consumption.

At all companies, "Zero Waste" works will be completed by 2026.

Transferring of all ethical principles and rules applicable for all of our companies to the entire value chain including suppliers.

The said ethical principles and rules will be transferred to our value chain by 2023.

Creation of feedback management systems for external stakeholders and regular tracking and reporting of the same.

By updating feedback mechanisms at all industries by 2023, it will be ensured that all of our stakeholders are involved.

Ensuring that all of our suppliers adopt the sustainability perspective.

Trainings for all of our suppliers will be completed by 2026.

Developing and putting into practice practices that will bring about improvement in the field of occupational health and safety, and following up performance criteria in this field.

"Zero Accident" is targeted at all of our companies where international standards are adhered to.

Regularly tracking and increasing the employee satisfaction.

We aim to have an employee satisfaction of at least 80% every year.