Trakya Cement Factory


Limak Trakya Cement Plant was founded in the province of Kırklareli, district of Pınarhisar in order to make a contribution to the national economy. It started production in 1959, using wet system, with clinker capacity of 85,000 tons/year. 

Trakya Cement was a state-owned institution within the structure of Çitosan and, then, it was privatized in 1989 and, as part of acquisition of Set Cement Plant and Facilities by Limak on 07 April 2011, joined Limak Cement group. 

At Trakya cement, six types of products are produced within scope of TS EN 197-1 in compliance with international standards:

  • CEM I 42,5 R
  • CEM I 42,5 R- SR5
  • CEM I 52,5 R
  • CEM II/B-LL 32,5 R
  • CEM II/A-LL 42,5 R
  • CEM IV/A (P) 42,5 N-SR
  • Norm Sand (TS EN 196-1)

Trakya Cement Plant continued to utilize its capacity, in 2020, for large scale superstructure and infrastructure projects of the region. Thanks to its reliable and sustainable product quality, Trakya Cement is the cement supplier for Istanbul New Airport, Turkey's brand project at a global scale, North Marmara Highway, construction of the Central Bank of Republic of Turkey, and for many metro lines. the plant will continue to be the supplier of large scale projects in 2021, too. In 2020, it continues to make a contribution to the national economy by increasing its export to countries in the Balkans. The plant aims to further increase its export in 2021.

The plant has the GOLD Integrated Management System certificate and is the one and only producer of norm sand in Turkey.

Like all other cement plants of Limak Group, Trakya Plant, too, takes its actions based on the awareness that quality of cement production is only possible with respect for the human and the environment, and carries out customer-oriented production at the highest levels of finished product standards for all of its products, taking quality of raw materials as the starting point. Its prioritized goals include developing new products capable of meeting needs of the construction industry through R&D operations, generating solutions for technical problems of customers in collaboration with Marmara Region ready mixed concrete laboratory with 17025 Turkak accreditation certificate as well as providing customers with technical support.

At Limak Trakya Cement, steelmaking slag continued to be used instead of iron ore as alternative raw material for production of clinker in order to preserve natural resources. After commissioning alternative fuel feeding system which led to reduction in use of fossil fuel and carbon footprint in clinker production. recovery of industrial wastes continued as part of the “Zero Waste” project. The contribution made in 2021 to the environment and cyclical economy will continue through an increase in quantity of alternative fuel used.

While Limak Trakya Cement makes contributions to its respective region in the sense of economy and employment at rates increasing year by year, due to regional leadership role taken on by it, it also continues to support several social responsibility projects.


Clinker production capacity : 2.100.000 tons/year

Cement production capacity : 2.300.000 tons/year