Ready Mixed Concrete İstanbul Head Office


Limak Ready Mixed Concrete started its operations, under the roof of Limak Cement, in August 2011. It expanded its network of plants that was originally located in Ankara and Istanbul regions over the year. Sales volume of Limak Concrete which included some plants owned by it into the franchising system that was launched for the first time in the industry starting from 2013 stood at 2.1 million cubic meters as of end of 2020.

Limak Ready Mixed Concrete, apart from producing all classes of ready mixed concrete in compliance with TS EN 206 and TS 13515 standard, also produces the following types developed as a result of R&D studies which are produced in a customer-oriented fashion;

  • Self-leveling concrete,
  • Concrete pumped in a stationary manner that allows multi-story casting,
  • Concrete with high strength (C50 and above),
  • Concrete with micro and macro fibers,
  • Water impermeable concrete,
  • Concrete produced in every color,
  • Concrete with high levels of durability.

All of our facilities have been carrying on Quality Assurance System as well as Quality and Environment Board and National G Certificates liability studies with success in an uninterrupted fashion. It has a structure that constantly checks raw material input and checks measurement control of evaluation units in order not to make any compromises on the quality and standards.

Ready Mixed Concrete's R&D works are conducted at three laboratories, i.e. Istanbul, Ankara and Şanlıurfa, which are accredited by the Turkish Accreditation Agency according to TS-EN ISO/IEC 17025. Through a collaboration with the group's cement plants in the field of product development, the technical support offered to customers of cast dement, in line with customer - oriented policies of cement plants, increasingly continues in 2021. The said support consistent with the process, quality and legislation increases the cooperation productivity between Limak Cement Group and customs of cast cement.

Limak Ready Mixed Concrete aims to create a safe and healthy working environment through compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Legislations. It moves on with measures taken to deter occupational accidents and diseases and for the zero occupational accident target and without making compromises on the Occupational Safety Culture developed by it. Its environment permits and licenses have been updated by the relevant Provincial Directorates of Environment in compliance with the environment legislation. 

As a natural result of the importance attached to the environmental sensitivity as well as product and service quality, such success of Limak Ready Mixed Concrete enjoying a high level of customer satisfaction is made possible thanks to self-sacrificing contractor employees who have comprehensive knowledge of their respective fields, are dynamic and competent.

Limak Ready Mixed Concrete has a network of ready mixed plants consisting of 23 facilities including 8 facilities operated by it and 15 facilities operated in various regions through franchising model. Growing in the industry is one of the company's most crucial goals with, apart from existing plants, facilities ot be established for construction projects that are challenging and require specialization as well as the other plants that are to run operations under Limak logo based on the franchise model.

Limak Ready Mixed Concrete Facilities

  • Yenibosna Ready Mixed Concrete Plant
  • Güvercinli  Ready Mixed Concrete Plant
  • Temelli Ready Mixed Concrete Plant
  • Polatlı Ready Mixed Concrete Plant
  • Yahşihan Ready Mixed Concrete Plant
  • Kılıçlar  Ready Mixed Concrete Plant
  • Kahramanmaraş Onikişubat  Ready Mixed Concrete Plant
  • Africa Ivory Coast  Ready Mixed Concrete Facilities

Limak Ready Mixed Concrete Franchise Facilities

  • Esenyurt  Ready Mixed Concrete Plant
  • Velimeşe  Ready Mixed Concrete Plant
  • Selimpaşa  Ready Mixed Concrete Plant
  • Bursa Ready Mixed Plant
  • Bandırma  Ready Mixed Concrete Plant
  • Şaşmaz Ready Mixed Concrete Plant
  • Gaziantep  Ready Mixed Concrete Plant
  • Şanlıurfa  Ready Mixed Concrete Plant
  • K.Maraş Türkoğlu  Ready Mixed Concrete Plant
  • K.Maraş Pazarcık  Ready Mixed Concrete Plant
  • Adıyaman Ready Mixed Concrete Plant
  • Balıkesir Manyas Ready Mixed Concrete Plant
  • Balıkesir Ready Mixed Concrete Plant
  • Bala Ready Mixed Concrete
  • Haymana Ready Mixed Concrete Plant

Concrete casting for the Central Bank of Republic of Turkey project which will be the symbol of Istanbul Finance Center with its monumental facade and will be Europe's highest building, of which Limak Construction is the contractor and for which Limak Cement provides cement, is being carried on with the quality of Limak Concrete.

In line with its dynamic concrete structure and active market demand, Ankara Supreme Court of Appeals Complex and Ankara-Konya highway Gölbaşı underpass projects were completed by Limak Ready Mixed Concrete owing to its industry experience and because it is preferred for projects.