Kurtalan Cement Factory


Limak Kurtalan Cement Plant: Siirt Kurtalan Çimento Sanayi Ticaret A.Ş. of which foundations were laid in 1976 in Kurtalan district of the province of Siirt with a view to meeting cement need of Eastern Anatolia and Southeastern Anatolia Regions, exporting its products to neighboring countries and making a contribution to the national and local economy was put into operation in late 1984 and carried out its first cement sale in 1985.

In order to meet the increasing cement need of the region, the cement mill 2 at Limak Kurtalan Cement was commissioned in 1999 and, the existing mill that was an open system was transformed into a closed circuit grinding system through an addition of a separator in the first half of 2004. Owing to such investment, the grinding system was rendered fully automated at both cement mills.

A new weighbridge of 120 ton/h was added to the packaging unit for sale of additive-free cement alone in line with the increase in the regional demand, then, complementary investments and enhancements as required by the technology were made such as X-Ray device, laboratory modernization, raw material feeding weighbridges of raw meal mill, Raw Mix Preparation (RMP) system, rotary kin cooling automation, feeding weighbridges for cement mills 1 and and  2, Rotary kiln flame pipe modification, heat recovery system (recupertor).  

Limak Kurtalan Cement, the first cement plant of Limak Cement Group that, today, carried out production in compliance with European standards, was restructured in 2008 under the name of Limak Çimento Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.

At this plant where emission value was proven to be compliant with standards stipulated by the Cement Industry and Environment Declaration, three different types of products are produced:

  • CEM I 42,5 N
  • CEM II/A-LL 42,5 N
  • CEM II/B-LL 32,5 R

Compliance of the cement production with TS EN 197-1:2012 standard is regularly audited on an annual basis. The plant with TS EN ISO 9001, TS EN ISO 14001, TS 18001, ISO 50001 certificates which has GOLD Integrated Management System plans to enhance its management systems through a shift to TS EN ISO 45001 Management System in 2021 and version update of ISO 50001 system.

Limak Kurtalan Cement is one of Siirt’ s largest industrial facilities with the added value provided by it for the national and local economy as well as the employment.

Limak Kurtalan Cement, ever since it became a player in the sector, assumed a pioneering and decisive role thanks to innovative approach sustained, customer satisfaction, occupational health and safety, environment  quality policies as well as adaptation to developments emerging at domestic and foreign markets and importance attached by it to the technology.


Another approach of Limak Kurtalan Cement that can be considered within scope of environmental sensitivity and social responsibility is forestation and greening efforts that have been going on ever since acquisition by Limak Group. As of July 2021, total number of trees reached 193,754. A 5.000 m2 land located within boundaries of the plant area was turned into an artificial pond. A separate site suitable for wildlife has been created thanks to the island in the center of the pond and reforestation surround the pond.

As part of the "Zero Waste Project" launched by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning, a "Zero Waste Management System" has been established within the plant, which is comprised of various processes ranging from prevention of emergence of wastes to reduction of wastes, separation at source, temporary storage, separate collection, carriage and process and the plant was awarded a “basic Level Zero Waste Certificate.”. In 2020, wastes continued to be used as alternative raw material and amount of wastes disposed increased by 29 percent when compared to 2019.

Clinker production capacity: 776.000 tons/year

Cement production capacity: 1,200,000 tons/year