Kilis BIMS Facility


As a result of studies conducted by Limak Cement in connection with production of alternative construction materials, Kilis Bims Facility which was commissioned in Polateli district of Kilis in 2015 carries out its operations with its production capacity of 30 million bims and 1.5 million square meter parquet stones.

The said facility will, apart from Kilis, Gaziantep, Hatay, Kahramanmaraş and Şanlıurfa, further strengthen its place in export markets thanks to its proximity to export markets over the time.

Apart from our TSE 771-3 quality certificate, products manufactured have CE “Compliance with European Product Legislation” certificates.

Below are the products that are being currently manufactured:

  • Bims of 20 (with 9 meshes)
  • Briquette of 20 (with 9 meshes)
  • Izobims of 20 (with 21 meshes)
  • Bims of 15 (with 6 meshes)
  • Briquette of 15 (with 6 meshes)
  • Bims of 12,5 (with 6 meshes)
  • Bims of 10 (with 6 meshes)
  • Hollow tile of 25
  • Parquet stone
  • Curb stone
  • Rainwater gutter
  • Screed sand

Limak Kilis Bims facility has been, ever since it was founded, demonstrating sensitivity in terms of customer - orientedness, high quality and environmental sensitivity and carrying on its operations, further increasing the brand value in this field.

As part of the policy regarding fight with Covid-19 pandemic of Limak Cement, any and all measures and protection measures put into practice throughout the year were also effectively implemented for Kilis Bims facility.

At the said facility, the zero occupational accident goal was repeated for 2021 and it is planned to obtain “Basic Level Zero Waste Certificate”.  


BIMS Production Capacity : 30.000.000 pcs/year

Production Capacity of Parquet Stone: 1,500,000 m2/year