Balıkesir Cement Factory


Foundations of the plant were laid, as Turkey's 12th cement plant with collaboration of local entrepreneur partners and Çitosan on 31.05.1955 in order to meet cement need of South Marmara Region and Aegean Region. The plant started the production on 26.07.1958 as Balıkesir Çimento Sanayi T.A.Ş., equipped with pre-heated dry system, with a clinker capacity of 85,i000 tons/year.

Balıkesir Cement joined Limak Cement Group in 2011 and, owing to pre-calcination and vertical cement grinding lime investments of 2015, the plant reached the production capacity of 1 million tons of clinker and 2,1 million tons. 

Four different types of products in compliance with international standards are produced at the plant.

  • CEM I 42,5 R
  • CEM II/A-M(V-LL) 42,5 R - CEM PLUS 42,5 +
  • CEM IV/A (P) 42,5 N - SR
  • CEM II B-M (P-LL) 32,5 N

According to the “Turkish Cement Industry Benchmarking” study covering the year 2019, conducted by the Directorate-General of Renewable Energy of Republic of Turkey Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, it found a place for itself among those plants producing cement with the lowest energy with production of specific energy, ranking at top three in Turkish standing , as was the case with the previous year.

As part of use of alternative raw materials for the purpose of clinker production, use of raw material resources is reduced using wastes of iron and steel mills and casting sands instead of natural recourses. Besides, bottom ashes generated at thermal power plants were used, for cement production, together with phospho - gypsum, under the ETA certificate obtained in 2019, and goal of recovering industrial wastes was pursued.

Balıkesir Cement Plant with a highj potential of export due to its proximity to Marmara and Aegean seas started export of clinker with low Cr+6 content n 2020 and will carry on such operation and continue to make a contribution to the national economy in years to come.

The plant was awarded ‘Basic Level Zero Waste Certificate’ in 2020.

At Limak Balıkesir Cement, time of trainings provided regarding OHS, environment, professional and technical matters in 2020 is 28.5 man/hour. Also, an emergency drill was organized to be be prepared and trained against unexpected situations within scope of OHS. Personnel members demonstrating exemplary behaviors were rewarded during the year in order to encourage occupational health and safety practices and raise awareness.

Clinker production capacity : 1.100.000 tons/year

Cement production capacity : 2.100.000 tons/year