With regards to the electricity consumption, as a result of investments and enhancements made in plants of Limak Cement, the best results which can be possibly reached with technologies available in the world and in Turkey have been accomplished. In this scope, the year 2008 was accepted as the reference year and, as a result of the study conducted, Specific Cement Production Energy (kWh/t cc) was reduced by 21% from 2008 to 2019.  As a matter of fact, Limak Cement Plants rank at top places in the benchmark study prepared by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources annually that includes over 50 integrated plants.

As of 2021, 7 plants of ours have ISO 50001 Energy Management System in Domestic Operations. All of our plants with ISO 50001 Energy Management System completed the process of shifting to 2018 version of the system in 2021. Also, we aim to have 2 plants of ours, lacking ISO 50001 Energy Management System within our Domestic Operations, certified with this certificate by 2023.