İklim Değişikliği

In line with Corporate Sustainability and Climate Change Department employed at Limak Cement Group and Taking Urgent Action to Combat Climate Change and Its Impacts, one of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG-13), at all plants, national and international legal requirements to minimize the environment impact, IFC and the World Bank norms are constantly followed, and, for full compliance with all applicable legislations, required investments are made, environmental performances are being measured in line with targets set and our operations are conducted within framework of ISO 14001 Environment Management System.

As part of the roadmap prepared for reduction of carbon dioxide emission across the Group, our studies regarding Greenhouse Gas Reporting and Verification have been reported and verified for direct emissions by accredited verifiers since 2015. With regards to the electricity consumption resulting in indirect emissions, as a result of investments and enhancements made in our plants, the best results which can be reached with technologies available in the world and in Turkey have been accomplished. As a matter of fact, Limak Cement Plants rank at top places in the comparative evaluation study prepared by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources annually that includes over 50 integrated plants.

The reference year for the Group's Carbon Footprint Roadmap was accepted as 2008 and, accordingly, from 2008 to 2019, the Primary Carbon Footprint (originating from Fossil Fuel + Alternative Fuel) (kg CO2/t ck) was reduced by 8%, and the Secondary Carbon Footprint (originating from Electricity Consumption) (kg CO2/t cc) was reduced by 27%.

As of the final quarter of 2021, within framework of Corporate Carbon Footprint ISO 14064-1:2018 standard, the process of Calculating and Reporting Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Removals at Corporation Level was initiated and standard trainings were completed across the Group.

Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), an international agency based in London, is a platform that acts intermediary for companies to report how they use natural recourses and natural capital, how they impact re-generation of limited resources with their operations and how they manage risks in this field to investors and ensures that reports are comparable, and this platform has 3 main programs whereby company's operations' climate change, water and forest risks can be separately assessed with leadership of the investor on an annual basis. Limak Cement Group reported its data regarding climate change via the aforesaid platform for 2020 reporting period. Apart from continuation of the climate change program, it is aimed to join the water program, too, in years to come.