CEO's Message

CEO'muzun Mesajı

Today, we're marching towards the future with robust steps with 12 cement plants run their operations in Turkey and Africa and 23 ready mixed concrete plants, our exports shipped up to 20 countries, our internationally accredited R&D laboratories, our journay of sustainability and, above all, our well-trained and qualified human resources.

As known, Limak Holding is a huge family consisting of over 70 thousand members with operations in countless countries and continents. This huge family we are part of supports all group companies taking huge steps at a global scale at varying focal points such as equality of opportunities, and strengthening of the woman's role in the society and supporting of the art within framework of Limak group's effective business traditions and advanced technical competencies as well as the new age's asset management and corporate finance and risk management within global financial approach, social and environmental sustainability, investments having an impact upon cyclic economy, business life and concept of social involvement. While we, as all holding companies, are accompanying such march, we, as Limak, aim to more effectively use the vertical integration strength of our Group day by day and adopt the future of business approach.

Based on our mission of responsible producer, one of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, at the Turkish cement industry which is one of the world's most important cement industry, if we, Limak Cement, are at the top in terms of energy efficiency with most of our plants, if we're the one and only cement group of our country that has an R&D laboratory with international accreditation and if we're one of the top three players in markets of all countries where we have presence, this is a result of collaborations we pursue with you, distinguished stakeholders, as well as all of our employees.

We're still taking firm steps forward in coordination with our continuous and gender balanced growth approach, by placing digital transformation, sustainability, fight with climate change and R&D activities at our focal point and strategy more than ever and further strengthening effective communication methods with all of our stakeholders...

M. Erkam Kocakerim