Limak Cement Group believes that preservation of biodiversity and the other strengths of the natural capital is a global issue that requires collaborative solutions to a great extent. Many ecosystems such as forests due to their capacity of absorbing carbon and their feature of natural flood defence undisputedly increase in importance in terms of combat with the climate change day by day.

Feasible Reclamation Plans specific to the relevant land, as developed and used by the field team, are prepared to maintain and enhance biodiversity values of quarries throughout stages after shutdown and closure and to determine opportunities and risks before extraction starts.

Owing to the risk and opportunity studies developed for the plant and quarry areas, the Group identifies and implements scope of activity regarding monitoring and improvement of environmental impacts on biodiversity and ecosystem. Long-term sustainability goals include preparation of Reclamation Plans containing the most up-to-date preventive, reducing and corrective activities for the purpose of preservation and sustaining the biodiversity in cement plant and quarry regions and adaptation of the same to all operations run across the Group.

Plans covering a very long period of time starting from selection phase for mining operations to completion of repairing efforts are of paramount importance in terms of using the land, after completion of mining operations, in a manner suitable for its former form or for another intended use and reducing impacts of the destruction.

Limak Cement Group continues to behave a responsible entity by minimizing its ecologic footprint and assuring welfare for communities and the environment in places where it runts its operations.